TSMC will become Apple's Achilles' heel?

Hello everyone and welcome to Legendary China. Before we start the show, I wish every one of you a happy day! I am glad to bring you a topic. TSMC will become Apple’s Achilles’ heel?

In September this year, the U.S. asked more than 20 chip-related companies, including TSMC and Samsung, to disclose data on inventory, sales data, and orders within 45 days on the grounds of checking the chip shortage problem”.

After many days of hesitation and wavering, TSMC finally chose to compromise, the United States gave the “voluntary provision of data” deadline (November 8) before the submission of the chip supply chain information. In response, TSMC said that the submission of relevant data is to help solve the global chip shortage problem, and to ensure that no customer-specific data is disclosed.

Let’s not mention what impact this incident will have on TSMC. As Apple’s chip foundry, TSMC now has an important task: in this global chip supply storm, to help his “big brother” survive a shortage crisis.

Previously, the Nikkei News reported that the supply chain, Apple is sharply cut iPad production in order to use the chip for iPhone 13. Although supply chain sources recently revealed that Apple’s iPhone 13/Pro series parts shortage is gradually easing as suppliers increase production; but the global chip supply crisis is still hitting the company hard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said at a previous earnings meeting that chip shortages have led to supply constraints in products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac, causing Apple to lose about $6 billion in the fourth fiscal quarter (to the end of September).

Most of these problems are in older chips (not TSMC foundry), rather than the advanced chips produced by TSMC for Apple. Charles Shih, an analyst at investment bank Needham, said, “Apple will have ample supply for the rest of the year, given TSMC’s increasing capacity.”

TSMC has long been one of Apple’s most important technology partners, producing the chips that are the “brains” of the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Whenever Apple manages to extend the battery life of the new generation of iPhones by a few minutes or make them run faster, TSMC deserves the most praise in addition to Apple itself; likewise, when Apple fails to meet its iPhone performance targets, TSMC is also to blame.

Underneath the smooth relationship, dark currents are flowing

 Currently, TSMC is painstakingly working on its latest cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which can reduce the size of transistors on chips to 3 nanometers. This change would allow Apple to include more powerful, less power-hungry processors in its devices without significantly increasing the size of its products.

Based on an analysis of Apple’s previous chips, TSMC’s struggle has resulted in the fact that the iPhone’s processor will be stuck on the same chip manufacturing process for three consecutive years (including next year), which would be the first time in its history. This in turn could lead to, with some customers postponing their device upgrades for a year, also giving Apple’s competitors more time to catch up.


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