TSMC 3nm chip problems, Apple may have to change partners

For processors, in the absence of a major architectural update, performance is basically linked to transistor density, after all, the chip cannot be infinitely larger, while transistor density has a lot to do with the process. In the past, there has been news that Apple will use the 3nm process in next year’s phones to get even better results, but now it seems likely that Apple will continue to use the 5nm process next year.

There is news that as the industry’s most powerful foundry, TSMC’s 3nm process seems to be progressing very slowly, and TSMC is constantly struggling to improve the yield and performance of the 3nm process, which means that although 3nm has now achieved risky trial production, but the yield is not as good as it should be, and if it is forced into commercial use, then the cost of the chip will be infinitely higher, reaching Unbearable point.
Obviously TSMC 3nm process struggle to make Apple such a large enterprise a bit caught off guard, after all, Apple has quite enough cash to bear the high cost of 3nm chips or no problem, 3nm can not be produced is the biggest problem, so the improved version of the 5nm process seems to become Apple had to consider the choice. Considering that there is still one year from the A16 processor, then there is not much time for Apple to flow and polish, so it is likely that next year’s A16 processor will still use the 5nm process.
It is reported that TSMC has announced last year that it will impact the technical barriers of the 3nm process, and has given some of the parameters of the 3nm process chip and the planned launch time.
  According to the news released by TSMC at the time, it is expected that in 2022 TSMC will officially realize the commercial production of 3nm process chips, which makes TSMC a time to become the first chip manufacturer in the eyes of the public is expected to break through the 3nm barrier.
  And some time ago, there is news that TSMC has encountered certain problems in the development of 3nm process chips, perhaps there will be a


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