HOW TO USE AUDIO BRANDING: Interview with Roger Gehrmann – POV Episode 37

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Audio branding, what is it? What does it represent? How do we use it? This article will break it down with tips to future proof and differentiate with my podcast interview with audio branding expert, Roger Sho Gehrmann.

Roger Gehrmann is a creative leader with 18 years experience spanning the various worlds of Advertising, Product Design and B2B & B2C Marketing & Strategy. He currently is the Executive Creative Director at SiriusXM/Pandora, the largest audio entertainment company in North America. Roger is the co-founder of Studio Resonate, the audio-first creative consultancy that brings brands to life through audio.

Key chapters on sonic branding, and more with Roger Gehrmann:
0:00 – Intro
2:28 – Favourite artist and why?
4:11 – What makes a brand iconic?
5:47 – Do iconic brands have a consistent narrative?
7:39 – Sonic branding example with Mastercard
8:48 – What is audio branding?
9:09 – How Mastercard created their audio (sonic) branding
11:03 – Intel’s audio branding explained
13:14 – McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin it’ sonic branding
15:15 – How long has audio branding been used for?
16:44 – Why audio branding is important for brands today?
19:48 – Can small brands use audio branding?
22:39 – How small brands can create their audio branding
25:53 – What is brand safety?
30:46 – Applying AI to brand safety in advertising
38:36 – Advice for creatives in problem solving
42:53 – How to be successful as a creative in different countries?

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