The Key to Staying on Fire for God

Do you go through waves of your passion for the things of God? Do you want a stable and increasing fire for the Lord?

This message will show you some practical steps to keeping your fire for God burning hotter and hotter for the rest of your life.

0:00 Intro
5:54 Overcome Excuses
9:47 The Logs for the Flame
17:34 God Wants Your Presence
25:18 Giving
33:26 The Fire Kills the Viper
39:10 My Struggle with Fear
46:27 Remember This

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22 Trả lời “The Key to Staying on Fire for God

  1. I'm not on here for salvation or if im not right with the Lord. I love God and pray, read my word seek him. But honestly I've not been okay emotionally.

    All my life I was pretty dumb and I haven't received love from my father and my mom and I we just can't get along. Growing up

    I've gone through many disappointments with wanting someone to really be there friendships and or relationships.

    But I more so was not okay because look I read my bible and know psalms 139, songs of Solomon speaking of identity but im going to say this real honestly
    I do not like and hate the way I am Filipino I am Asian and ugly looking. Yes in God's eyes I'm beautiful but despite that I do feel thatHe forced me to be something that I did not want to be and something I feel very uncomfortable in and that's as real as I'll ever get there.
    I dont have any love given to me by people but I also don't like me. Sure I can accept how God made me but deep down in my heart it's not one where I will be like wow I  love this this is awesome I'm so very happy I'm this, God knows my heart and knows it's hurtful and I will accept it and come to terms with but I won't get to a point of liking it personally
    I ask him how come. Theres actually people he made who do have a beautiful heart and doHave a beautiful makeup as a person.

    You know God made Rachel beautiful for a reason for her purpose and he made Leah uncomely looking for a reason as well for her own purpose and calling in life but here this one out WHAT HAPPESN WHEN HER PURPOSE IS ALREADY FULFILLED AND SHE HAS PASSED ALL THE HEARTACHES AND TEIBULATIONS?

    She's still uncomely and a Leah forever and Rachel will go through many heartaches and disappointments in life and when her purpose is done and over with she is still the Rachel we all know. So I speak of the Leah's of this world and the rachels of this world but rachels who do love jesus

    As a follower of christ this things I really ponder on. I do love God but it can be hurtful.
    I speak of Leah because I find her close to my heart in fact my life story is similar to hers. I too love someone who didn't love me back he told me he liked me and all this time liking someone else I was pregnant and kept the baby but him and my father I was rejected

    I know it won't be good to hold on to people
    But even myself I find it hard to like the things I hate the things forced on me

    I dont really decide to come here or to look this bad I can't be angry at God just painful I must say.
    I will accept it though but I don't like that im me forever. The rachels of this world yes they go through really bad things and hurts but ultimately when all is said and done they who love Jesus will still be rachels as always and me who is a Leah is going through so much rejection and pain and sanctification. But when my purpose is done away with I'm still the uncomely Leah forever too. I know God creates diversity and that's great but he picked the worst one for me making me first of all Filipino and second of all ugly and im me forever even if the purpose is done with. I know God creates diversity and that's awesome but he picked the bad one on me first of making me Filipino and second making me ugly and im this forever even if my purpose here is done with. I didn't sign up for this I didn't ask for it I just landed the unfortunate. Whereas his out here making beautiful people and aside from that Caucasian, latina, European and honestly they can have a beautiful appearance and also be beautiful on the inside and choose Jesus and go to heaven and be themselves forever and imma be the ugly Filipino uncomely looking me forever too. I understand God doesn't make mistakes so as it really just happened I am unfortunately fated Filipino and also a very ugly female. God's out here making really stunningly gorgeous attractive beautiful Latinas, Europeans, Caucasians, and they can also love Jesus and be beautiful on the inside. God didn't make something beautiful if he didn't appreciate beauty. I dont know who to get angry in my parents or God for making me ugly with bad genes. It's bad enough to be hideous looking but to be Asian and ugly too. Filipino and ugly and disgusting looking. Yes God makes no mistakes so it happens I was and am just fated to be ugly and filipino. Yes God makes no mistakes but I definitely think he made a very disgusting decision making me and I have to bear being something I never want to be.  And I don't care if God thinks I'm beautiful because at the end of the day he did force me to be something I don't want to be he forced me to be Filipino and forced me to be a very ugly person and I don't care if he thinks I'm beautiful and perfect and all, the point is he forced me ! And I dont like being Filipino, I don't like that im ugly on top of that,and I reject and don't like me and it doesn't matter if someone likes me and thinks I'm pretty it doesn't matter because to me at the end of the day all this things are forced on me, this isn't some lies from the enemy its the truth God forced this on me and I have to live with it forever in irritability knowing I wish this wasn't me and this wasn't a reality out of all I ever could be. Like this isn't it and it's disgusting it's trash if he thinks I'd be okay that he forced me to be Filipino no im not if he thinks I'm okay that he made me ugly and a this in this world no im not okay with this trash decision of his. If people tell me that God thinks I'm beautiful or worthy and all please don't because what that entails is I have to accept me and I never will accept something forced on me. And I'm not here to say I'll make beauty my everything or I'll be conscious about it. What I'm saying though is he did make attractive beautiful people who may not be conscious with how they look they just are, and I know from experience meeting many humble sisters in in Lord and they love Jesus very much and have a beautiful inner beauty too. The question isn't am I going to be self focus the question is why did god make me disgustingly ugly like trash and decided for me to be Filipino and he thought aside from that make me really uncomely looking. Whose to say if I was a pretty latina, European, Caucasian I wouldn't be a sold out christian, a loving friend, daughter, mother, person and love Jesus? You see what I mean. But he forced me to be a this. And why should someone have to accept when it's forced on them. I'm just stuck in a tight bottle with no way to get out that's how God made me to feel. Except it's forever because I'm forced into this forever. And if someone tells me to love myself or like myself that's never happening I don't see why I have to come to terms and accept what is forced and shoved up my existence. I know some may say its okay who doesn't like you or who is mean to you its a reflection of themselves and its okay if you are rejected there's going to be people who love you for you. But even if people did like me its not that it's the fact that I will never like or love myself and it won't matter if someone truly did care and love me or if people do because why should I accept something that I had no control over. Why must I accept that I am Filipino when I really am not? Isn't this decided for me and shoved in my face be God. Why should I accept being me and accept my ugly features when God's out here taking his most precious precious time a good 24 hours making his people with two hands while some like me he took a good one hour and one hand and picked an ugly me and made me Filipino and ugly while picking the bestest choice for people who can love him and are themselves forever. Please don't tell me that if you're pretty you won't be satisfied you'll want more and more because people do plastic surgery and they go through problems even if they were. Yes im aware of all that and honestly if I were pretty or okay looking it's not that I'd want more and more and more and won't be satisfied I would t I'd just be okay with me. The thing is God didn't have to make me so ugly if he made me at least okay looking then yeah I'd be okay it's not to say that looks are everything to me. Its the fact that why do we all have to even reason with God caring more about the heart and not how someone looks or reason that someone would still be unsatisfied or so on.. whose to say so? Bottom line is if God can make other people pretty why did he make me so butt ugly you know it was by intention and that's what irks me it was in his hand he just choosed it this way to make me trash. and I have to be forced at it and forced to be something forever that I do not want to be not that I wanted to exist either. You kn ow my body and my soul are replication it's not like someone in this earth whose for example Caucasian would have their soul look Hispanic you know what I mean. So is with me im ugly and my soul looks like me so Its naturally ugly too. The whole point is God forced me to be Filipino he also forced me to be this ugly and people can say oh he judges the heart and so on no yes he does why because he knows his responsible for why people look or are the way they are he knows it's him so why would he judge people other than the heart if he knows his responsible for that ? The thing is God done did that and that's on him.. I didnt write this to seek attention. I wrote it because at this point I honestly have nothing to loose.

  2. I have this fear too, I always wanted that there is light especially am alone, but I have conquered that fear.. Now, I can sleep alone in the house without lights anytime.. I have been thinking about it, until Pastor Vlad experienced same experienced as I was.. I know it was God.. I Loved this preaching.. God Bless you..💚💚💚💚💚💚

  3. So good Vlad. Today has been a day of weeping in the Spirit. My mind has no clue what's going on, just tears falling from my eyes all day. He is the best to be with in any situation…thank you for your teaching, and vulnerability. Your openness transforms 1000's upon 1000's…a prideful person could not touch our hearts.👆☝️👆💪👆🔥👆❤️

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