Huawei HarmonyOS breaks new highs

Android and IOS are the two dominant smartphone operating systems, and 95% of the market share of smartphone operating systems is held by Android and IOS. Many well-known cell phone brands are basically the choice of these two operating systems, once Huawei is no exception.

But in order to no longer be subject to others, Huawei invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop their own Hongmeng system, and in July of this year officially launched the Hongmeng operating system.
This news makes many people feel proud, but the road of Huawei’s research and development is not smooth, from the very beginning of the promotion of the Hongmeng system, Huawei has ushered in a large number of people’s bad, many people feel that Huawei Hongmeng system is just a gimmick, just Huawei to the user draw a big cake; when the Hongmeng system was officially launched, and many people questioned the Hongmeng system is actually a shell of Android, many users Many users feel that the Hongmeng system has no future.
However, never thought that the face came so quickly! Recently, in Huawei intelligent office new conference, Huawei consumer president Yu Chengdong announced a happy news, as of September 12, in just about three months, the Hongmeng system user scale has exceeded 100 million mark, refreshing the world record, become the world’s fastest to reach users break 100 million mobile operating system.
In addition, some data show that as of August this year, more than 300 application and service partners, more than 1,000 hardware partners, more than 1.3 million developers have been invested in the ecological construction of the Hongmeng system, in the efforts of Huawei and these partners, the Hongmeng system ecosystem has also become better and better, more and more perfect.
At the Huawei Developer Conference 2021, which opened on October 22, the HarmonyOS 3 Developer Preview was officially released, and the new system was reinvented around the three core values of elastic deployment, super terminal, and multi-terminal deployment with one development, with comprehensive upgrades to system performance and development tools.

HarmonyOS is the focus of attention at the annual Huawei Developer Conference. In 2019, HarmonyOS 1.0 was introduced, revolutionizing distributed technology and verifying its feasibility; in 2020, Huawei released HarmonyOS 2.0 for developers, not only bringing major upgrades to distributed capabilities, but also releasing the developer preview for smart screen, smart In 2020, Huawei released HarmonyOS 2.0 for developers, which not only brought significant upgrades to distributed capabilities, but also released developer Beta versions for smart screen, smart wear, and car products.
The release of HarmonyOS 3 Developer Preview at this year’s Huawei Developer Conference is a sign that the future Harmony ecosystem experience will receive a major upgrade, and the Harmony ecosystem will continue to maintain a rapid development momentum.
On June 2 this year, Huawei officially applied HarmonyOS to relevant cell phone products and smart home appliances. The addition of HarmonyOS breaks the boundaries between the original hardware devices, which can realize interconnection and function sharing of all scenes of terminals including cell phones, and seamlessly connect and transform information contents to each other to form a flowing smart life experience. Smart home appliances equipped with HarmonyOS can provide convenience and a new multi-faceted experience for today’s fast-paced life, providing strong support for the establishment of the Hongmeng ecology.


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