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Today, let’s focus on the issue of who made Kirin 9006C for Huawei? With the global chip shortage and the chip ban from America, Huawei still insists in self-technology exploration and Kirin chip upgrade. In most of persons’ viewpoint, Kirin chips would not produce the new generation for a long time. While Huawei suddenly threw a blockbuster: 5nm process chip:Kirin 9006C. Let us learn about it.

As we all know, since the global shortage of cores, countries around the world, global companies, and everything related to chips have basically suffered a huge impact. Huawei, which mainly produces smart phones in China, is no exception. If you are concerned about Huawei, it must be easy to see that many of the new phones released by Huawei recently are 4G. This is because Huawei temporarily abandoned its 5G business due to a lack of cores.

Just when many people thought that Kirin chips would not be seen for a long time, Huawei suddenly released a blockbuster: Kirin 9006C chips, which are still using 5nm process technology. So, the question is, who is it that made the OEM for Huawei?

Huawei Kirin 9006C chip comes out. The two cores of this Kirin 9006C are mainly used in Huawei’s Qingyun series of notebooks. This notebook has truly achieved complete localization from the inside to the outside, but the biggest highlight is the Kirin 9006C chip. According to the outgoing news, this chip mainly uses 5nm process technology.

As we all know, the Kirin chip can be said to be Huawei’s trump card. So why did Huawei choose to launch its most proud Kirin chip when Huawei’s development is not particularly good? Wouldn’t it be good to wait for Huawei to launch it when it develops rapidly?

Why did Huawei choose to make the Kirin 9006C chip debut? At first, keep Huawei’s consumer market. At present, there are many strong opponents in the domestic and international markets. Huawei will face great challenges and threats in the 4G market. Therefore, in this case, Huawei may want to use the powerful Kirin chip to appear on Huawei’s tablet, so as to avoid the return of Huawei’s future king, its original consumer market will be empty.
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