TOP 3 GROW LIGHTS HIGH END ON AMAZON MH Metal Halide HPS High Pressure Sodium LED Preppers Lumen

TOP 3 GROW LIGHTS HIGH END ON AMAZON MH Metal Halide HPS High Pressure Sodium LED Preppers Lumen. Grow Tomatoes indoors!

3. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR700 700W LED Grow Light

2. Lush Lighting Dominator 2x LED Grow Light

1. Recordcent Wifi LED Grow Light 1700W Dimmable Professional Full Spectrum With Phone App Remote Control

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The Links to these products have been added to the bottom of the video for you to check out why we named them our Top 3 High End Grow Lights on Amazon. At number 3 is the VIPARSPECTRA PAR700. It is a Dimable LED Grow Light and it is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen output and coverage. Making it easy to maintain. You can find this steal of a deal on Amazon for 329.00 dollars. With LED lights you will save much energy by their efficiency, saving you money, and the advances with LED Grow Lights are making them too good to pass up. Lumen depreciation in Metal Halide bulbs can go fast plus the life of an LED bulb will out last them by 5 times, but when you calculate lumen depreciation into the equation, it becomes a no brainer. Nothing can beat the Lumens from a High Pressure Sodium bulb pound for pound. However, they get extremely hot and are usually used as outdoor lighting, like street lights. HPS lights are more in the Red Light range. Or used for the blooming or flowering state. While the Metal Halides favor the Blue light range. Used mainly for growing and producing in the vegetative state. This is why you see LED manufacturers trying to focus on both light states sometimes, or what they call Full Spectrum. So pay attention to your colors. All the lights are doing is trying to mimic nature to help promote a certain stage of growth indoors.

At number 2. The Lush Lighting Dominator 2x LED Grow Light. You can put this up against a metal halide or a high pressure sodium bulb. And if it just so happens to work, you made out. because you just saved on a huge energy expense. 435 watts High Intensity LED for all stages of plant growth. True full spectrum grow lighting! Better than HPS for flowering! It is capable to provide up to direct sunlight at canopy level! Game changer for growing indoors.

Topping our list for 2018 is the Recordcent Wifi, 1700 Watt, Dimable Professional and Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. With the Phone App Remote Control changes the game for growing Plants indoors with the Noahs-8s-w. If you have a cool 1000.00 dollars that you want to invest in growing with, this is the ultimate set up for indoor growing. The Recordcent LED grow lights are designed around custom made 5 watt, high-output LED double chips & 90 Watt-COB. The result is a significant increase in PAR and up to 200% deeper canopy penetration. Everyone who has purchased this has given it 5 stars. The Noah-8s-w effectively replaces a conventional 1700 watt HPS grow light while only consuming 750 watts of actual power, while giving your plants 100 percent Usable light, that is perfectly tuned to create maximum photosynthetic response. Not to mention, the best part of this beast of a grow light. The remote control via a phone app. This puts the Recordcent over the top of every other light system on the planet! Please leave your comments and feedback down below the video. We would love to hear about your Top 3 Grow Lights or Systems for 2018.


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