Here’s a SCARY compilation for our new subscribers… Welcome to our SPOOKFEST! 😈 These are the SCARIEST videos of August 2021. [Watched it all? Previous Month:] 👻

As you probably know by now, we bring you the scariest videos we can find every week. However, we like to make life easier for our new subscribers so we also put together a monthly scary comp with all the creepy videos we featured throughout each month. These scary compilations are the best for anyone who wants to binge-watch scary ghost videos without any breaks, especially if you’ve missed our weekly scary compilations!

August is no exception, we made a list with our most scary videos of the month and we want you to watch them, but try not to scream too much! 😈

This video presents some of the scariest videos of August, which will certainly send shivers down your spine. So here’s the top 23 scary videos of August 2021, a video full of terrifying clips and scary moments with shadow people, ghost sightings, haunted dolls, poltergeist activity and more! These are some of the most creepy videos on Youtube and also Scary TikTok Videos that will make you leave your lights on at night!

Despite the fact that ghosts are among the most common creatures in the world of horror, they are rarely captured on camera with their true essence. This video was created using supposedly real ghost footage from all over the world so tell us, which one of these scary videos is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

▶️ Top 21 SCARY Videos! 😱 [Scary Comp. of July 2021]

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31 Trả lời “Top 23 SCARY Videos! 😱 [Scary Comp. of August 2021]

  1. Hey Spookies! 😊 Hope you enjoy this month's MEGA compilation with all the clips we featured during August 2021. This is perfect for those who haven't watched our recent uploads yet or those who want to re-watch it again without any breaks or time to waste! Have fun guys and if you want to give us some support, don't forget to press the button! Much love from Mr. & Mrs. Goose Pimples to you all! ❤

  2. Im sorry….. 😠 BUT if THAT was my daughters favourite doll …. Id BURN IT🔥 🔥 …. and go get her a NEW ONE…. Then Id teach her NOT TO bring used dolls into your home…… I mean DAMN ……/it walks around saying weird things and LET your DAUGHTER PLAY with it….. HELL NO!!!!! 😤😡🤬🙏

  3. Comment to Video #10 Savannah should do a dissection of the bear n make sure there are no curse seals, talismans, or voodoo doll inside it. Or even see any sign of a pentagram to even make the doll possessed. It could just be the little girl making her arms have a wind effect for the bear to move. I wouldnt jump to conclusions, but if she isnt acting herself, it could be draining her energy. But seriously get that bear cleansed properly.

  4. So in clip 13 with Rosemary… I’d like to know whether or not the woman who owns the doll had it specially made for her and if there might have been some specific instructions given that maybe upset its maker or if anything else would have caused the maker of the doll put some kind of hex or curse on the doll so the woman has no peace or maybe she unintentionally mentioned that she was just beginning to build up her doll collection & one day she hoped to own a haunted doll so the maker invited a spirit to attach itself to the doll but didn’t feel the need to mention it to the woman so that when she witnessed it start doing those “freaky deaky” things, her reaction to realizing that finally owned a haunted doll would be one of genuine surprise/horror because she does want her customers to enjoy their purchases to the absolute fullest and that’s why the doll moves(?)… just sayin that perhaps the maker tried something that she thought would be enjoyable to her customer but was in fact totally freaky to her, lol. Great attempt at customer service supreme! If only others thought this way everyone would totally enjoy their purchases but maybe telling them about it (although would ruin the surprise but…) would be an even better way of making the customer 100% satisfied with her work?! Just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️, LoL! As always this is my opinion plus my “maybe…” for this dolls very active paranormal activity. Thanks for sharing the goose pimples! TTFN ✌🏼🙏🏼🧿🧼🖖🏼

  5. Not all shadow figures will have red eyes because the one i seen did was just a black mass in the shape of a large person, where it more swallowed the light than blocked it out, but it also got so dense that i could see the sharp outlines of clothes, no face whatsoever though, i looked at it for a solid 10 seconds before it vanished. The air was colder when it appeared, but went back to normal not long after..i had felt the cold air before but never seen anything, until i did..that was 20 years ago and it changed my life forever because i knew there was something else going on. I also moved out not long after because i wasn't interested in the paranormal at all back then and just wanted out.

  6. Hello my beautiful favorite YouTube channel!!! My birthday is this Saturday September 4th, and I was wondering if y’all could do a video of Ouija Boards again or some of the most haunted houses or buildings or something? I wanna be scared lol. Horror, and haunted/ spooky are my favorite things in this would!

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