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Should You Connect Grounds in a Power Supply?

Technical Consultant Zach Peterson is talking power and ground supplies today. How do you connect ground regions in a power supply, what’s the difference between isolated and non-isolated power supplies, and how do Y-Capacitors come into play? Zach covers all this and more.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Non-Isolated Power Supply
3:08 Isolated Power Supply
5:25 Linking Grounds
9:26 Y-Capacitors
11:45 Connecting the Grounds

How to Connect Grounds in an Isolated Power Supply PCB Layout: https://resources.altium.com/p/how-connect-grounds-isolated-power-supply-pcb-layout

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6 bình luận trong “Should You Connect Grounds in a Power Supply?

  1. Y-caps do not remove DC offset. They are just capacitors.
    The special thing about Y-caps is that they are designed to fail open instead of failing short. This is ensure the the primary ground remains isolated from the secondary ground (using the terminology in the video) at DC and mains frequency – you don't want your USB wall wart applying mains voltage (120 or 240 V) to your USB cable if the cap fails. In this case the Y-cap returns the switching noise from the power supply to the USB ground so it doesn't radiate from the mains wiring since wall warts generally don't have a ground pin. There is a limit on the capacitance of the Y-cap so that the amount of AC main current it can pass is much less than 1 mA.

  2. Thank you, Zach! Super clear and helpful info. Just wondering though – is there ever a scenario to put a resistor in series or parallel to the capacitor that is connected between Secondary GND and Chassis GND? I seem to recall that being done on designs that I've come across. Thanks again.

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