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32 Trả lời “Season 2021 Opening Day | Full Livestream – League of Legends

  1. 17:41 The voting poll is really unfair for some less popular Champions like Shyvana because they are not popular so they will get the least amount of votes to be updated! Like for example Shyvana, Shyvana is a not popular pick but she really needs a update as her VGU and abilities are so antique and outdated by a mile but Mundo and Udyr will get a revamp because this 2 Champions are still popular and effective and still played in high Elo! PLEASE REVAMP CHAMPIONS THAT NEEDS A GAMEPLAY UPDATE WITHOUT A VOTING POLL because champs like Shyvana and Skarner desperately needs a update

  2. This is cool.😎 im hoping for the next ten years will be more awesome and competitive league in the world league of legends is the best game ever exists in this world. Im so happy to hear the new items and champions rework. And lot more. I have only one wish please hear me out!! The main role of this game is the map in league if we have more maps to explore we can enjoy the game. Also improving the graphics of the map and champion is also my wish. And please add more details on map. Make it more wide and improve the trees 🌲 to colorful blossoms. Adding more tress create aesthetic view. Specially to us. (Players)

    When it comes to farm jungle. (Monsters crips.) adding monsters on the map help us to earn more money. To buy items. Thats why i wish to expand the map to make it wider and playable 💖 by the way thank you for this wonderful game. Exist nowadays.

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