New Kid KZ AZ09 PRO VS OG AZ09 + Hot ZEX Giveaway! IEM Bluetooth Adapter Comparison

What’s good squad! For this weekend we got a full detailed comparison of the New Kid KZ AZ09 PRO VS Original KZ AZ09. Another FIRST on YouTube! Also a Hot KZ ZEX Giveaway! Use these adapters to make any C pin type IEM wireless. This KZ AZ09 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Adapter has you covered. STRONG BUY.

KZ ZEX Unboxing:
KZ ZEX Impressions:
KZ AZ09 PRO Impressions:
Watch BEFORE you buy the KZ AZ09:

Giveaway rules: To join our first Giveaway for a brand spanking new KZ ZAS KZ ZEX and CCA NRA IEM simply take 2 seconds to Smash the Subscribe, Slap that Like and Ding that Bell notification! Results will be done live from a random number generator chosen from existing subs after we reach our goal of 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch time hours and achieve partnership with youtube. We will do a live partnership party stream! If you win you will have 24 hours to respond to my message. If you do not respond in that time a new winner will be chosen again at random. The IEMS will be purchased new from Alibaba or vendor of my choosing. IEMs can only be shipped to places that can receive IEMs from Linsoul or Alibaba . I will try to accommodate if you cannot receive these IEMs in your country due to shipping restrictions with a different IEM but no promises. If shipping is not offered and I cannot accommodate a new winner will be chosen again at random. This is not sponsored content. Rules subject to change. Thanks to everyone who watches and joins the squad!


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