The new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros are out and they are incredible laptops. They are probably the best out there, with benchmarks through the roof, essentially, they are amazing computing engineering and yet, despite all of that, 90% of people that buy those computers will be wasting their money and would be totally fine with the M1 MacBook Air.

I show you what incredible power the M1 Air has and how it will be more than enough for most content creators and mid-air budget filmmakers. I won’t just tell you, I will actually show you how you can play at least 10 streams of 8 and 10-bit footage at 4K and 8K from cameras such as the iPhone, DJI Pocket 2, Sony A7S3, Red Digital and Arri Alexa. The MacBook Air gives you so much more, for so much less.

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MacBook Pro 14inch M1 Pro –
MacBook Pro 16inch M1 Max –
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0:00​ – Introduction
1:01 – Who the new M1 Pro and M1 Max are for.
2:53 – A case for the M1 Macbook Air
3:08 – Battery life comparisons
3:36 – Ports and I/O and Dongles
4:17 – Onboard cameras
4:47 – Weight and Size
5:42 – Cost comparisons
7:24 – Performance of the Macbook Air
8:06 – M1 Air performance demonstration – video and photo editing
16:20 – A different perspective
17:05 – Do you really need this much power
17:57- Who really needs this much raw power
18:47 – A false sense of urgency
20:58 – Think carefully before you buy

▶︎ Some of the camera gear I use:

My camera – Canon R –​
My Phone – iPhone 13 Pro Max –​
DJI Pocket 2 Creators Combo –​
Canon EF 70-200mm L series –​
Canon EF 16-35mm L Series –​
Canon EF 24-70mm L Series –​
Manfrotto 504HD,546BK Video Tripod Kit –​
ESDDI DSLR Camera Tripod –​
Zoom H6 (2020 Version) 6-Track Portable Recorder –​
Tascam DR40X –​
Zoom H1N Sound Recorder –​
ANDYCINE C7 Field Camera Monitor –​

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21 Trả lời “M1 Pro & M1 Max MacBook Pro Vs M1 MacBook Air. Why For 90% Of People The M1 Air Is More Than Enough.

  1. Also, in your next video could you do 4k footage (around 5 mins) with a few fusion effects like tracking, radial blur, fusion transitions, etc? That's about what my workflow looks like and I currently have the 2014 MBP i7 16gbs & 2gbs of dedicated vRAM.

    It works well for it's age, but stutters when I start doing fusion transitions and editing in 4k 🙁

    Think it's about time for an upgrade but unsure if I should go base MBP 14" or 2020 M1 🤔

  2. G'day Samuel – how are you today. I once again love your very informative Video's – However this time around "I will be going for the 16" Pro Max fully specked" as for my day job I do Engineering 3D Modeling which is hugely power intensive, These programs run on Windows so I will have Parralells running Windows as well on the Laptop – yes I am Mobile so need this all to run on a Laptop. I also use the 15" espresso monitors – 2 of them so I have a 3 Monitor setup – works a treat. These monitors are also extremely thin and light – no setup required, Plug them in with USB-C and turn on – done monitor working.

  3. What’s would you recommend for someone that keeps their laptops for 8+ plus year or until it shuts down it’s own? For programming n video editing? I want the 16” m1max 32gb 1tb. I don’t have a laptop my 2015mbp stop working two months ago

  4. Nice video and you make a great point – it is clear the Air would be fine for what I do.. Right now, don't use Apple. Have a very nice Surface Pro that works fine right now. Will definitely consider the M1 Air when the time comes to replace my existing system.
    Really enjoying your channel.

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