Iphone SE2 in 2020

iPhone SE 2 will definitely come out. Who should buy it?
Smartphone for many.
Apple will launch its new low-cost iPhone SE 2 smartphone in early 2020. Now this is practically a confirmed fact, since the launch of the smartphone was announced by Min-Chi Kuo himself, the most respected analyst from the world of Apple. Over the past few years, he has never been mistaken in his predictions, so you can trust 100%. Ok, iPhone SE 2 will be released. But who should buy it? All found out in this material.
iPhone SE 2 is not a new compact iPhone
The first thing to know is that the iPhone SE 2 will not be compact. In fact, it will be the iPhone 8 with a new “stuffing.” That is how Kuo described the smartphone.
According to him, iPhone SE 2 will receive a design and display, like the iPhone 8, but a modern processor. Moreover, according to an insider, the iPhone SE 2 will be the flagship chip A13 Bionic, which is the fastest in the world. The performance of the iPhone SE 2 will be impressive.
But the display on the smartphone will not be 4-inch, like the previous iPhone SE. The screen size is 4.7 inches. Compared to other modern smartphones, it is quite compact. However, the truly miniature iPhone SE 2 will not be.
Therefore, for fans of the iPhone SE form factor, unfortunately, the new product will not be an ideal purchase.
For whom, then, iPhone SE 2?
Right now, there are around 100 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users worldwide. The new iPhone SE 2 with a low price tag will be designed specifically for them. This was announced by the same analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who is sure that the iPhone SE 2 will be a hit. Apple will be able to sell 30-40 million iPhone SE in 2020, the expert believes.
iPhone 4.7 with an 4.7-inch display, a powerful modern processor, other improved features and an adequate price will be an excellent purchase for the army of owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And here you have to give credit to Apple.
The company noticed that users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do not want to part with their smartphones. The main reason is, of course, the high price of new models. In the spring of 2020, Apple will offer them a much cheaper device, which will be much better than the “sixes” in terms of performance. Then a massive wave of updates will begin.
Are you planning to buy an iPhone SE 2?
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