Infinix Note 10 Unboxing and Review

Infinix Note 10 Unboxing and Review. Not to be mistaken for the Infinix Note 10 Pro, the direct successor of the Infinix Note 8 is the vanilla Note 10. It spots a slightly better Helio G85 processor and FHD+ display but there’s not a lot to be excited about. I compared the Infinix Note 10 with the Infinix Note 8 cameras. The purple variant of the Infinix Note 10 is probably not the best color to get. Infinix included their proprietary X-Note app, for note taking, but the accessories are non-existent. Be sure to get to my conclusion in order to know whether or not you should buy the Infinix Note 10.


Time stamps
00:00 – Unboxing
01:39 – Design
01:58 – Display
02:46 – Storage
02:54 – Software
04:04 – X-pen/Stylus
04:49 – Performance
05:28 – Fingerprint and Face Unlock
05:49 – Speaker Comparison
06:15 – Gaming
06:38 – Battery and Charging Test
07:18 – Camera(Photography)
09:42 – Camera(Videography)
10:02 – Conclusion
10:27 – Price


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Infinix Note10 code name – Infinix X693
Commonly misspelled as ‘Infinity Note 10’
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