Inspired by the architecture of the human brain, scientists at IBM have developed a new kind of computer chip that can perform computations equivalent to the today’s supercomputers, while consuming very low power, something in range of the power required for a hearing aid.

This new chip is named as TrueNorth.

The chip contains 5.4 billion transistors, yet draws just 70 milliwatts of power.

The TrueNorth chip is the core element of IBM’s cognitive computing program, which is known as SyNapse.

IBM’s brain-inspired architecture consists of a network of neurosynaptic cores. Cores are distributed and operated in parallel. Cores operate -without a clock- in an event-driven fashion.

Cores integrate memory, computation, and communication. Individual cores can fail and yet, like the brain, the architecture can still function.

This power-efficient chip can enable creation of lot of new kind of useful applications.

These Low power chips could make your mobile phone as powerful as a supercomputer.

Buoys could monitor shipping lanes for safety and environmental protection.
Conversation sensors could identify and understand voice and appearance to automatically generate transcripts.
Autonomous bots could be deployed in a disaster area to sense location of victims in search and rescue operations.

Sensors in future medical devices could recognize odors from certain bacteria.

Image/Video Credit: IBM
Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod

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