Do you know how transistors work? What is it about transistors that make them the building block of so many electronic items, like computer, laptops, smartphones and tablets these days?

What is a transistor? The transistor is arguably the greatest invention of the last century, or perhaps, one of the greatest of all time. If it wasn’t for transistors, we couldn’t have developed smaller, faster and cheaper computers, telephones, GPS devices, radios, gaming consoles, smart televisions, routers and a device — no larger than a human hand — that integrates all these marvels under the same screen.

This is a short, layman explanation of what is a transistor and how it works.

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Book: The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen

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41 Trả lời “How Transistors Work – A Quick and Basic Explanation

  1. Yet we STILL cannot make a transistor powered guitar amp that is as good as, or better than a vacuum tube powered amp.
    The transistor has changed the world, but I still love tubes, at least for audio, there's nothing better. If you've never smelled warm vacuum tubes, you're missing out.

  2. can someone answer this how can the donors give electrons to the n type semiconductor and make that positive when it has an extra electron that would make it negative. If an atom has an extra electron instead of having the same amount
    protons and electrons it would be become negative

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  4. The narrator is mistakenly talking about FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORS (FETs), not BI-JUNCTION TRANSISTORS (BJTs)!

    "Source", "Gate" and "Drain" are the electrode names for FETs; "Emitter", "Base", and "Collector" are the electrodes for BJTs.

    The displayed graphic symbol is, correctly, for BJTs. The graphic symbol for FETs is TOTALLY DIFFERENT, especially for "Metal-Oxide Semiconductor" (MOS) FETs.

    Otherwise, his explanation of "PN Junctions" and their electrical natures is fairly accirate.

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