A new leak has delivered the first definitive camera samples of the Pixel 6 Pro, Google’s next flagship smartphone. The leak also covers video quality and highlights the curvature of the device’s high-resolution display. The Pixel 6 Pro will represent a huge step up for the Pixel 6 series in terms of camera quality, with Google finally ditching Sony’s 12 MegaPixel I.M.X 363 sensor. While Google is yet to launch the Pixel 6 series, some people have managed to pick up early models. Previously, Mishaal Rahman shared details from a Pixel 6 Pro, such as its battery capacity and the configuration of its Google Tensor S.oC. Now, This is Tech Today has revealed camera samples from a Pixel 6 Pro, among other things. It is worth stressing that these pictures were taken with pre-production software, and they are not high-resolution copies. Hence, they will not necessarily look as good as photos taken on retail Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro units. Nonetheless, This is Tech Today has highlighted the Pixel 6 Pro’s zoom capabilities, along with the volume of details the device captures in low light. He also focuses on the Pixel 6 Pro’s ability to create depth of field effects, such as in the photos as seen here in the video. Additionally, he flags image flickering in a sample video and poor image stabilisation. We would not recommend judging the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro’s video quality until Google ships retail units, though. Moreover, This is Tech Today has provided a look at the curvature of the Pixel 6 Pro’s display. Reputedly, the display is about as curved as the Vivo X70 Pro Plus’, which uses an identical Samsung E5 panel. In short, the Pixel 6 Pro, will not sport an aggressive curve like recent Huawei flagship smartphones. It’s important to remember that the camera samples we see here, are taken on a pre-release Pixel 6 Pro.


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