For many consumers, the camera is the most important piece of hardware in a smartphone. It’s no surprise, then, that Google made the camera the marquee feature of the Pixel. While Pixel phones have never featured top-of-the-line camera hardware, Google’s image processing pipeline and Google Camera app have consistently elevated the Pixel to a spot at the top of smartphone camera rankings. With this year’s Pixel 6 series, Google is improving the camera hardware in ways never before seen in a Pixel phone, and with a new, custom-made chip, the company has even more control over image processing. Now, thanks to an unreleased, internal version of the Google Camera app provided by our source, as well as further insight from our source, XDA can shed some light on the possible camera features that will make use of this upgraded hardware.
The Pixel 6’s Camera app will also offer new editing abilities, like an automatic white balance feature that may adjust to the subject’s skin tone, likely building on the more inclusive computational photography algorithm the company described at Google I/O earlier this year. The camera’s reported “face deblur” feature will snap multiple photos to help fill in the data when faces get blurred.


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