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China's first 4nm chip, taking 10 world firsts!

With the increasingly rapid development of technology, nowadays the semiconductor industry can be said to be very important to all countries in the world, especially the chip, the chip as the most important accessory for cell phones, if there is no a good chip, then this phone must not be excellent. The Snapdragon series developed by Qualcomm in the United States has been very good, and with the ability of its own research and development, it has become the choice of many cell phone manufacturers.

But with the development of countries, the Chinese technology company MediaTek has recently risen. It is understood that since MediaTek has made a major breakthrough in the Tiangui 1000 series, the company directly released the Tiangui 9000 chip, according to MediaTek’s announcement to the public, MediaTek research issued the Tiangui 9000 chip using the 4NM chip, the world’s first chip using 4NM, out of this, the Tiangui 9000 chip is also equipped with 5 generations of AI processors, directly improving the performance of 4 performance. There is also good news that this chip supports 320 megapixel camera and 144Hz screen refresh rate. This means that the phone equipped with the Tiangui 9000 will be the most powerful and versatile phone in terms of performance and features. Of course, this also means that the price of the phone with this chip will also reach a new high. When you want to experience this chip, you can give your old phone to a certain turn to recycle and then sprint for the most powerful chip phone.

After the release of the Tiangui 9000 chip, it has attracted the attention of many countries. After a software test, the Tiangui 9000 chip ran a high score of 1 million, and this high score can now surpass the chips of many technology companies, and most importantly, this chip has got 12 world championships, becoming the most powerful chip in the world.

The past 2020 for China is undoubtedly a year full of crisis but equally warm, before the new crown epidemic outbreak, the whole country to tide over the


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Prior to the US trade war against China the two countries had been dependent on each other. Once the US banned chips and high tech to China the dependence is doomed. EIther China goes into a long term decline or it overcomes the difficulties to be free from US supply chain. If China managaes to survive then China will be able to thrive without the US. The question is now can US thrive without China. Of course it can but less the biggest 1.4 billion Chines market. China on the other hand is in a better position with a large market at home and hundreds of countries trading with China. Chinese products will win because China industries are not dictated by the big-profit-driven and greedy capitalists.

Sorry, but the quality of the voice over is bad ( pronunciations (voice synthesis) & grammar). Can be difficult & require effort for many people to fully comprehend your message(s). You must improve this, if you want to reach a wider audience in YouTube (i.e. the english-speaking world). Otherwise just do you videos in your native language (assuming it is Chinese).

US is just foolish. It is like the athlete who is leading the race stopping to try and trip up the athlete catching up.

Chip development is extremely expensive. Costs have to be recouped by sales. The biggest market is in China – it is a market that will remember US dirty tricks.

Instead of building on a good relationships, the US nut Barack O-bomber decided to sabotage this relation in their "pivot on Asia" an euphemism for anti- Chinese bigotry.

Good progress China , you have really done it this time, you have upset America again,. China you are a real threat with your few hundred nuclear missiles , against my 7000 nuclear missiles, I don't know how to counteract you, China but i will soon think of some more BS,. I just cannot go a day without throwing shite over you, or otherwise I will feel sick.

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