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China's chip has just risen, but the semiconductor giant is tens of billions of dollars in debt

Hello everyone and welcome to politics in China. How are you feeling today? I’m happy to bring you a topic. China’s chip has just risen, while semiconductor giant Tsinghua Ziguang is $10 billion in debt and bankrupt.

With the rapid development of the technology industry, but also greatly driven the development of the global semiconductor chip market, as the core of the development of modern technology field, semiconductor chips are undoubtedly very important; because the research and development and production of chips is a high precision technology field, so in the global mastery of the chip research and development and production technology of science and technology enterprises are also very few, from the current development of the global chip market The U.S. companies have undoubtedly become the dominant global chip field, like Qualcomm, Intel, Apple’s chips are recognized as good!

At present in the cell phone market, in addition to Apple’s iPhone using self-research A series processor chip, other Android phones almost all use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series processor chip, with the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon chip cell phone manufacturers continue to increase, which also allows Qualcomm to earn a lot of money; although the performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series chip is very strong, but this does not mean that Qualcomm has no competitors in the chip market, like China’s Huawei previously developed the Heisi Kirin chip, and MediaTek’s Tiangui series of chips are Qualcomm’s competitors!

However, after Huawei was suppressed, the Hass Kirin chip became the last song, and at this time can compete with Qualcomm is only left MediaTek; early in the cottage phone era, MediaTek’s chips have been favored by many cell phone manufacturers, but after entering the 4G network era, Qualcomm Snapdragon series chips gradually rise, so MediaTek’s chips also began to eclipse, and then MediaTek began to dive into the Research and development of 5G chips, after the arrival of the 5G era, MediaTek began to gradually rise, and has the potential to surpass Qualcomm!

In the 5G market, MediaTek released the superb performance of the Tiangui 1000 series of chips, and the release of the Tiangui series of chips is also very coincidental, at this time it is Huawei was suppressed, the production of the Heisi Kirin chip was cut off, this time the suppression of domestic cell phone manufacturers are aware of the importance of independent research and development of chips and create multiple supply chain system, if simply rely only on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series of chips Development, then once the supply is cut off, the impact will be huge, so a time countless domestic cell phone manufacturers have begun to intentionally reduce the purchase of Qualcomm chips, and increased the purchase of MediaTek chips, which also allows MediaTek direct rise!

At present, China’s Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo all have phones equipped with MediaTek Tiangui series chips released. With the continuous support of domestic cell phone manufacturers, the revenue of MediaTek chips has been increasing, and according to the latest data released by MediaTek, in the first nine months of 2021, MediaTek’s revenue exceeded NT$364.76 billion (about RMB 83.8 billion) and set a new Revenue record, and in the global 5G chip market, MediaTek’s market share he also reached 35%, while Qualcomm only 29%, which makes MediaTek also directly beat Qualcomm to become the world’s first!

MediaTek as China’s chip maker, after years of patience, now finally rise, and MediaTek Tiangui 1000 series chip performance is also obvious to all, not only strong performance, but also in heat dissipation and other aspects are far better than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series chip, so MediaTek can be supported by Chinese cell phone manufacturers is also normal, the current Chinese chip is also slowly rising, but it is in This rapid development of the moment, the Chinese semiconductor giant Tsinghua Ziguang surprisingly bankrupt, what is going on?

According to reports, in China, the semiconductor industry is basically led by the state, it is understood that the state for the development of the semiconductor industry has invested 120 billion of funds. In recent years, China’s semiconductor industry’s two giant enterprises are Huawei and Ziguang Group, Huawei we do not need to say, 5G technology in the world have a dominant position, Ziguang Group’s background is also very strong, behind the support of the state, belongs to the state-owned capital, its first major shareholder is Tsinghua Holdings.


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