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BLACKVIEW BV8800: Newest, Toughest All-Round Rugged Phone // Things To Know

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BV8800 would be promoted in Jan.10th to Jan.14, PST, and the price is $199.99, only 1000 units, so don’t miss it out!

Blackview BV8800 spec:
Make Blackview the Blackview Flagship
90Hz display | MediaTek G96 | 50MP camera | Night vision | 8380mAh with 33W fast charge | Doke OS 3.0 | IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H.
BV8800 is the first Blackview Night Version rugged smartphone with a big battery, please check all information from the manufacturer’s page:

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Blackview bv8800 – отличный защищенный смартфон который обладает возможностью ночной съёмки в нем установлен 90 гц дисплей процессор helio g96 и много других полезных модулей! The blackview bv8800 features a mediatek helio g96 processor 8gb of ram 128gb of storage and a mali-g57 graphics card. Blackview bv8800 is a rugged model smartphone released by the brand blackview at the end of december 2021. Blackview bv8800 a rugged smartphone with a quad-camera setup including an infrared night vision camera. Blackview bv8800 50mp 8gb + 128gb night vision camera 90hz refresh rate 33w fast charge mil-std-810h, as you’ve seen in Blackview bv8800 | huge battery rugged smartphone 2022 official unboxing & hands-on video. Blackview bv8800 распаковка! The line of protected smartphones of the hong kong brand blackview was added to the model bv8800 equipped with a powerful battery and an unusual camera system. This is the first model of the blackview brand for 2022. And a 20mp night vision camera are included in the black view bv8800’s quad rear camera module.


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