Welcome to my CamNews channel!!! Many thanks for your coming, supporting and watching my videos and my governmental & political and social videos talking about the current situations of Cambodia concerning HUN SEN, SAM RAINSY, KEM SOKHA, EBA CAMBODIA, CPP, CNRP, LDP KHEM VEASNA, PICH SROS, WILLIAM GUANG, PHENG VANNAK, JAMES SOK, SAN BUNTHOEUN, KIM SOK, SO NARO, CHUN CHANBOTH, TAING SARADA, SARETH SOUK, KUN CHANDY, MAK HOEUN. They are famous speakers talking about Cambodia’s social & political issues. It also provides you the English knowledge of English Khmer, Khmer English, Translation News/newspaper, Writing tips, Grammar study, Vocabulary. These are useful for Cambodian people to learn English easily on YouTube CamNews Channel. Finally, I do hope that everything goes smoothly and provides a number of useful videos for you. Please help subscribed for more videos.
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